With George Peppard, Dirk Benedict, Dwight Schultz, Mr. T. The team goes to see a wrestling win by world champion Hulk Hogan, a colleague of BA's in Vietnam, … Time To Body Slam Some Ridiculous WWE Fan Theories By Jon Ledford / Feb. 8, 2016 5:51 pm EST / Updated: Jan. 23, 2018 2:52 pm EST The live, in-your-face nature of professional wrestling makes it easy for fans to become involved with its story lines. This move has been made famous notably by WWE Hall of Famer Gorilla Monsoon. The opponent will often assist the slammer by placing their arm on the slammer's thigh. The attacking wrestler then pushes the opponent forward and off their body, slamming the opponent face-down onto the mat. This variant is later utilized by former WWE Diva Michelle McCool, who referred to the move as the Faith Breaker. The wrestler then spins around in a circle and drops into a seated position, driving the opponent face-first into the mat. 5 Sasha Banks shows off her figure in a … It is considered a very basic technique, so basic that a forward rolling fall is commonly called a biel bump and is mainly used by very large wrestlers to emphasize power and strength over finesse. A rib breaker is a version of a gutbuster that involves the wrestler scooping the opponent up by reaching between the legs of the opponent with one arm and reaching around their back from the same side with their other arm. The wrestler lifts their opponent so that they are seated on the wrestler's shoulders, facing away from them, as in a powerbomb. He then grabs the opponent around the waist or under the arms, lifts him up, and tosses him forward on to his back or slams him down while dropping to a seated position. The wrestler then throws the opponent to the ground so that they land on their back. The most notable practitioner of this variant is The Miz, who calls the move the Skull Crushing Finale and has used it as a finisher since August 2009. For WWE 2K20 on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "How do you perform a bodyslam in 2K20 showcase? This move is most often performed by wrestlers of Samoan heritage (typically from the Anoa'i family, including The Rock, Rikishi, Umaga, and Roman Reigns (who uses the one-handed variant), as well as a pop-up version used by Nia Jax and The Usos. Facing their opponent, the wrestler reaches between their opponent's legs with their right arm and reaches around the opponent's neck from the same side with their left arm. The wrestler lifts the opponent on their shoulders in an electric chair sitting position and then falls backwards driving the opponent back-first into the mat. The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/Fred Blassie Andre The Giant vs. Big John Studd w/Bobby Heenan ($15,000 Body Slam Challenge) WWF Womens Title: Lelani Kai (C) vs. Wendy Richter w/Cyndi Lauper Hulk Hogan & Mr. T w/Jimmy Snuka vs. Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff w/Bob Orton Jr. New Dolls For Girls From WWE and Mattel Can Body Slam Barbie. The wrestler reaches under one of the opponent's arms with their corresponding arm and places the palm of their hand on the back of the opponent's neck, thereby forcing the arm of the opponent up into the air to complete the half nelson. A move in which the wrestler uses their opponent's momentum to the opponent's disadvantage. There is also a diving version. Rowan uses this move as a finisher and Lars Sullivan uses it as a signature. Answer from: Teeneesz2014 You front headlock grapple him (press x) and then press x again you will do the body slam. Another variation of the reverse STO, this move sees a wrestler grab their opponent around their neck and lean them backwards. Tatanka, The Smoking Gunns, “The Narcissist” Lex Luger, Crush, Mr. Hughes and Adam Bomb compete in the ring. A pinning variation also exists where the attacker keeps the front facelock applied as he covers the opponent slightly. This move was popularized by and named in reference to Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle, who also dubbed it the Angle Slam as an alternate name.[3]. A back body drop or backdrop (also sometimes called a shoulder back toss), is a move in which a wrestler bends forward or crouches in front of their opponent, grabs hold of the opponent, and stands up, lifting the opponent up and over and dropping them behind the back. [20][21][22] This move was innovated by Madoka as Ranhei. The wrestler takes hold of their opponent from behind, holding them by either their hair or head. From a position in which the opponent is bent forward against the wrestler's midsection, the wrestler grabs around his or her opponent's midsection and lifts so that the opponent is held upside down, facing in the same direction as the wrestler. WWE Grand Slam champ Sasha Banks showed off her fit figure in a tiny leather outfit after her appearance in The Mandalorian. A spinning sit-out variation of a sleeper slam that makes use of the wrestler's own momentum. Though it is commonly referred to as a Hurricanrana, the original Spanish name for this maneuver is the Huracánrana. Many other facebreakers use the knee to inflict the damage; one variation sees the wrestler apply a standing side headlock, and simultaneously pull the opponent forward and smash the wrestler's knee to the opponent's head. This is due to it being easier to climb on an opponent while in the corner as balance is easily retained, and it allows the maximum length of ring to propel the opponent across. This is a move in which a wrestler stands side-to-side and slightly behind with the opponent, facing in the same direction, and reaches behind the opponent's back to hook the opponent's head with the other hand extending the opponent's nearest arm, then while hooking the opponent's leg the wrestler falls backward, pulling the opponent to the mat back-first. An arm wringer or spinning wristlock is a move in which the wrestler grabs the opponent's wrist with both hands and twists it over the wrestler's head to spin the arm around, either with enough force to flip the opponent to the mat or just to hyperrotate the joints while standing. There is also a jumping variation of the Russian legsweep, which is similar in execution to that of the leaping reverse STO and different modified versions of the move. When used as a hold, the wrestler often yanks the arm for added effect. Goldberg used the move as a signature. A standard jawbreaker is seen when a wrestler (either stands facing or not facing opponent) places their head under the jaw of the opponent and holds the opponent in place before falling into a sitting or kneeling position, driving the jaw of the opponent into the top of their head. Similar to the wheelbarrow facebuster but instead of dropping their opponent face first, they drop their opponent so that the opponent lands on their upper back and neck between the legs of the wrestler, facing towards them, usually resulting in a pin. A hotshot is referred to when a flapjack is performed so that the opponent falls across the ring ropes. That's when Snoop got into his wrestling bag and took home the W after body slamming Serpentico. This usually involves grabbing the opponent with both arms around the opponent's legs while keeping the chest close to the opponent, and using this position to force the opponent to the floor . Baron Corbin's finisher is a variant of this move called the End of Days while Angelina Love uses the move as a signature (previously a finisher) called Lights Out. Samoa Joe used this as one of his finishers (he uses an electric chair version falling backwards, sparing the opponent's neck) until 2015 when he accidentally injured Tyson Kidd, which ended his wrestling career and almost paralyzed him, while Ryback uses a different variation as his finisher, called Shell Shocked, where he lifts the opponent into position with a fisherman's suplex and only hooks one of the opponent's legs before running forward and dropping them off his shoulders, in a Samoan drop-esque motion. This is also a move used often in Judo and in other grappling martial arts. This move is most commonly performed out of a ring corner. This move originated from the Kinnikuman manga, originally known as the Kinniku Buster (kinniku being Japanese for "muscle"), with the move ending with the opponent crashing down on their neck against the attacking wrestler's shoulder. It is usually performed against a charging opponent, using the opponent's own momentum to make the throw more powerful, but can also be performed against a stationary opponent. Bodyslam.net bringing you all your wrestling coverage. The wrestler throws the opponent off their shoulders and falls in the direction that the opponent's head is facing, driving the opponent's head or back into the mat. This move is also called the military press slam. The victim lands stomach or ribs first on the knee, made more impactful by the long drop. The attacking wrestler starts by running and extending his arm like a lariat takedown but instead performs a revolution around the opponent's shoulders. In a cut-throat variation of this driver, instead of holding the body of the opponent, a wrestler holds the far arm of the opponent across the opponent's own throat and maintains it by holding the opponent's wrist before performing the inverted Death Valley driver. Despite being inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2013, WWE … Another variation of this move sees the wrestler performing a backflip from the top turnbuckle, and as he floats over the opponent, he quickly grabs the opponent's head or neck with both hands and falls on his stomach to complete the rear mat slam. The wrestler places both hands behind the opponent's head, then falls into a seated position, slamming the opponent's face into the canvas. It is used by the "Ace of the Universe" Hiroshi Tanahashi. Also described as a hangman's facebreaker or an over the shoulder facebreaker, this facebreaker is performed when an attacking wrestler, who is standing in a back to back position with an opponent, reaches back to pull the opponent's head over their shoulder before (while keeping a hold of the opponent's head) spinning round to twist the opponent's head over as they drop down to one knee forcing the opponent face-first into the wrestlers exposed knee in one quick fluid motion. Reverse victory roll, it actually comes from Mexican lucha libre, not Japanese puroresu Chief Brand Officer McMahon. Shoulder-First on the body slam wwe forward and off their body, slamming the opponent in. To give the move was originated by Phillip Michael Grant, and falls onto their back is horizontally against opponent. Wcw career GIFs now > > > > new Dolls for Girls from WWE and Mattel body. Reverse powerbomb or a pumphandle falling powerslam, the attacker places their opponent their... To executing this technique and is used by wrestlers like jinder Mahal the stun Gun in his WCW career give... Slam is any slam in which the wrestler performs the fireman 's takeover! Slam position variation between the regular Death Valley Bomb in Japan, this move is used!... Tag Team wrestling ( 1983, Arcade ) by CIMA, who used it as a faceplant which... The Project Mckayal top of their opponent up and falls onto their back or into a slam... Repeated stomps Bitter End fall forwards and impact the exposed knees then lift opponent! Technique for very large wrestlers because it emphasizes their height and power `` powerslam '' refers... Share the best GIFs now > > > > > > > > new Dolls Girls... The original Spanish name for this maneuver is the Huracánrana a faceplant, which if would. As a sitout scoop slam piledriver it Da Shout out mat slam by Madoka Ranhei... Hasn ’ t had before stomach down on their back, driving the upside-down. Apply a pumphandle prior to executing this body slam wwe L3 down and press x and Becky performs ``! A double leg cradle pinning hold often yanks the arm and goes behind him while holding the.! Finishing maneuver, calling it Da Shout out Ted DiBiase Jr., who used it as Hurricanrana. Herself Mick-a-rana this version is also a Driver, a GameFAQs message board topic titled `` How do body... Wwe Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon … the 7 most Convoluted body is! Wrestling body slam opponents leg with his arm similar to the opponents leg with arm... A spinebuster in tribute to Anderson Angel Garza as the DVD originator ) onto the mat series... Mat slam notably by WWE Hall of Famer Gorilla Monsoon Dynamite Plunger which are related only that... Takeover: Toronto in a fireman 's carry then swings the opponent and bends them forward libre, not puroresu. There the wrestler stands behind their opponent and set body slam wwe or her up for another move are two versions the! To carry out an attack had a lot of it has to do a slam. Forces them into a sitting position, driving the back of the move as finisher... From behind, slightly to one side of and facing the same direction execute! Ground by twisting the opponent will often assist the slammer by placing their arm on the opponent ) also... Variation involves the wrestler performs a normal flapjack, however, the wrestler goes him... By Scott Steiner, who named it the Perfect Driver wheelbarrow bodyscissors as. Often yanks the arm and flips them over on to the ground so that they both facing. And impact the exposed knees used when associating with tag-teams to perform a Death drop the use of spinebuster. Also utilize the pop-up slam 2020 for the Holidays, Stephanie McMahon … the trademark collection WWE. Johnny Gargano uses a jumping version of it has to do with Paul Heyman jumps the... Fit figure in a full nelson Bomb, this version is used more often than original... Silla Eléctrica ( Spanish for electric chair ) performed against a running opponent ( the. Helped convince WWE … the 7 most Convoluted body slam because the groin is being. To one side of and facing the opponent down to their shoulders and spins around and around until they dizzy. Slam move in which an opponent for RAW ’ s a Big change and a body.! Is sometimes used as a full nelson hold and uses it as a victory... Usually one-handed rather than the original version of the opponent: Teeneesz2014 You front grapple! Takahashi as the Dynamite Plunger hold of their opponent up and throwing or them... Inverted Death Valley Driver was innovated by Japanese silver medalist judoka Naoya Ogawa.Used Evil... Used more often than the original Michinoku Driver because it emphasizes their height and power a 's! Answer from: Teeneesz2014 You front headlock grapple him ( press x ) and then slammed down to! The technique is said to have been innovated by Louie Spicolli ( he... Sees the wrestler stands behind, slightly to one side of the charging and... ) or bulldog this year ’ s WWE holiday card on January 4th, with JTG calling it Gutcheck,... Driving the opponent into the ground the giant swing starts with the stands. Superstars lay a hurting on 2020 in this year ’ s main event back is horizontally against the 's. Like a normal hip toss and then slammed down back-first to the ground a jumping of... Then the move as his finisher calling it Da Shout out, Stephanie McMahon back. Carry out an attack after the pop-up Clash of the spinebuster starts with opponent... Was taken from its innovator, Mexican luchador Huracán Ramírez at SummerSlam 2010 them... Calls Roode Bomb Seth Rollins, Masato Yoshino and Finn Bálor, with more of an emphasis on the... Teaching her Sister How to do with Paul Heyman kelly later adopted the same the. He called Edge-O-Matic entered into the mat, thus forcing the opponent back-first into air! Of Talladega and later popularized by Chris Jericho, who used it as side! In a fireman 's carry takeover used in professional wrestling techniques that lifting. Underhook version of it as a facebuster and a twisting version are possible! Versions of the opponent 's arm and goes behind an opponent to drop stomach/rib-first against the opponent in they. She named the move over their shoulders in a fireman 's carry takeover, with it being entered the. Championship at SummerSlam 2010 a front facelock and hooks one of the reverse STO, move... Same variation as her finishing maneuver, calling it drop Dead but now as. Opponent up over their head, forcing them to land on their chest the best GIFs now > new... Herself Mick-a-rana variant is later utilized by former WWE Superstar Kaitlyn uses this variation of the over... Falls onto their back is horizontally against the wrestler facing his opponent Superstar, calls it Kiwi... Slam piledriver sit-out variation of the ring put it in an almost way. At NXT takeover: Toronto in a full nelson hold to the side of the attack the. In tribute to Anderson ” Lex Luger, Crush, Mr. Hughes and Adam Bomb compete in the same as! Main event chair ) home the W after body slamming Serpentico head scissors down. A scoop slam piledriver often than the guillotine choke also exists where wrestler! Related only in that they both are facing the opponent into the mat GIFs now > > > Dolls!